Tiger Training

What Is Tiger Training?

Tiger training is a style of training that I developed to beat the odds and achieve all my life, personal, and financial goals. 

I have achieved love, respect, leadership, fame, money, status, happiness, and almost everything I desired. 

The most important achievement was earning the respect of my loved ones, and even more importantly, I no longer feel unworthy of love and appreciation. 

I am filled with confidence, joy, and pure satisfaction. 

This training is the reason I became the highest-paid coach in my industry against all odds.

I have used the same training to train CEOs and professionals from top companies. 

I have trained members of law enforcement, CIA agents, Federal Marshalls, A-List celebrities, and many other top-level players using the same exact formula, and it works like a charm. 

Why Do I Call It Tiger Training?

Because I shape people into tigers. 

I was tired of being a failure, looked down upon, laughed at, and filled with self-doubt and pity. 

didn’t want to just overcome the challenges, I wanted to dominate. 

I wanted to crush them. 

I wanted to be looked up to. 

I wanted to be admired by people who doubted me. 

I wanted to be in power. 

I wanted to be in control. 

I was tired of hiding in the shadows and standing in the corners because I lacked the courage and the confidence. 

I was tired of being on the sidelines. 

I wanted to be noticed. 

Nothing less than being the king of the jungle would have worked. 

Yes, I could have called me a Lion, but I am a fan of the tigers. 

I adore them. 

I wanted to possess the gentleness and the fierceness of the tiger. 

I wanted the courage and the confidence of the tiger to achieve my heart’s desires and never worry about other people. 

I wanted to see a tiger every time I looked in the mirror. 

This training is about activating the tiger spirit within and using it to achieve what you want. 

Everyone has a tiger spirit inside them, but sometimes it needs a little push, guidance, motivation, and support to come out. 

I had to use this process for myself after I tried to end my life. 

I had to go from feeling worthless, a failure, and unworthy of love to developing kick-ass confidence that I could achieve anything in life

This new and unbeatable tiger spirit gave me the strength to fight against the odds and keep going until I won. 

How Does Tiger Training Work

At the core of Tiger Training are two essential elements: Tigerization and Tiger Blueprints. 


Tigerization focuses on helping you develop the confidence, mindset, and vision to achieve your goals. 

You will be lost and stuck without the confidence and vision to lead and dominate the competition. 

You get distracted and start doing what others tell you to do, even if it is not something you want.  

You play safe instead of going all out and winning big. 

You keep switching your moves and strategies because you get confused. As a result, you never get anywhere. It further diminishes your confidence and self-worth. 

This way, the first step is to activate the tiger spirit – what I call tigerization. 

In this stage, you identify the desires of your heart and turn them into goals. 

You then develop unshakable confidence, mindset, vision, and strength, so you can go after what you want boldly and not stop until you achieve it. 

The first step is cultivating the belief system that I can achieve what I want even if the odds are stacked against me, even if no one believes in me, even if I am shooting for the impossible. 

Then, the strength to go after your goals with everything you’ve got and not stop until you achieve them, no matter the cost. 

Any personal training, consulting, or workshops start with the process of tigerization followed by tiger blueprints. 

I want to ensure you can implement and get results using the blueprints I give you. 

Tigerization ensures that you will implement and succeed.

Tiger Blueprints:

Tiger Blueprints: The second part is the tiger blueprints. 

These are strategies, skills, tools, techniques, and the knowledge needed to achieve your goals. 

You have identified your goals and are ready to achieve them. 

What next? 

Where do you start? 

How do you go about achieving them? 

Who do you work with? 

How do you build a team? 

How do you turn your limitations into strength? 

How do you make space for yourself and outcompete the competition? 

How do you become the leader people look up to? 

What is the first step? 

What is the second, third, and fourth step? 

How do you measure success? 

How do you know if you are doing it right? 

How do you start achieving and stop failing? 

How do you master any and all areas of your life?

Tiger blueprints are the roadmap to achieving your goals. 

You can access any of my tiger blueprints and customize them to your goalsor you can hire me to do it for you.

Highest-Paid Coach

A glaring example of this is that a dear friend of mine discouraged me from becoming a dating coach.

He was well-intentioned and wanted to save me from failing.

He was concerned that no one would hire me for advice because of my Indian ethnicity and thick accent. 

I did not debate. 

just became the highest-paid coach in that industry by stepping into the tiger mode.

My clients pay me $3,555.00 to $200,000.00 to train with me. No one in this industry has sold premium packages of this level. 

It has helped clients all over the world. Here are just a few tiger stories:

Joe Hanson

Sean Kennedy

Mike Connors

Mike Connors

Sum Up

Tiger Training is the key to a life you once thought was beyond your reach.

By activating your inner tiger, aligning your thoughts and emotions, and following a customized blueprint for success, you become a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine the feeling of standing at the top of the mountain, knowing you did it all with your own strength and spirit. 

That’s the kind of life waiting for you when you embrace Tiger Training.

Are you ready to unleash your tiger spirit and claim the life you deserve? Let’s get started!


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